What Is Om Telolet Om? What Does it Mean?

Di Om Telolet Om

Om Telolet Om

What is Om Telolet Om? What does it mean? everyone in the world to ask that and now I’ll answer it for you.

Previously I apologize if his words poorly understood, because I am not able to speak English.

Om Telolet Om Artist Says - Mean of Om Telolet Om

Here goes, this phenoma very popular after someone submitted a relevant video drawn in Jepara ( Central, Java, Indonesia). There, throughout the day or perhaps in theafternoon young children after scholl waiting the street and shout “Om Telolet Om” ( There’s additionally a holding paper using the words “OM TELOLET OM” ). The Cry was addressed towards the driver of the passing bus on the road so the bus driver would honk his bus.

So “Om” which means that may be the bus driver. While “Telolet” it as being imitating the seem from the horn is sounded telolet tolelot telotet ( yeah like this ). In a nutshell,Inch Om telolet Om” is really a call that’s spoken by young children addressed towards the bus driver so the driver rang the bell / horn. So Om = Mr Bus Driver and Telolet ( The Seem Of Horn Buses )

Explanation More Om Telolet Om

Om Telolet Om is stated by a few children in Indonesia that loves public transit Horn. They stand beside the road and shout “Om Telolet Om” Meaning “Please Ring public transit Horn, Mister” Om Means Mister/Sir ( within this situation public transit driver ) and telolet may be the seem from the bus Horn

What goal? yes simply to have some fun alone, just for fun. Possibly the kids were pleased to hear the seem from the bus horn seem may also be unique. There’s additionally a horn seem recording after recording submitted to social networking, youtube, vimeo, etc.

Concept this video how happy these were after hearing horn “Telolet telolet Tolelet“.

Possibly some who state that this can be a tacky and cheesy, but when it will make the children or adults happy, wrong by using it? ( During done securely ). Maybe they ought to try first, standing on the street, and yelled “Oooommmm…. Telolet ooooommmmmm……” are only able to be understood that happiness is straightforward.

Marshmello also say “Om Telolet Om”

Marshmello Says Om Telolet Om

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